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JC Worldwide is a show about life, technology, fitness and sailboat racing. We're all people who live in amazing times that are so good we have to discuss it!
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Jun 13, 2016

Back again is the original sailing podcast sidekick, Petey Crawford. After living in South Florida for a couple years, JC is is becoming a confrontational anti-litterer and has had enough of people who drive like Petey. What's the average person's duty to keep the other average person from throwing garbage on the ground daily? Get in their face? Exactly. JC and Petey agree there should be a government award for people who film other people trashing. They expound on multiple Zika virus conspiracies nobody has thought about. Let's not forget Olympic sailors in the crossfire and getting robbed in Brazil. JC drops the bomb that one day in the hopefully far future there will be no sport known as sailing and if we make it to a new world, the people who get there could possibly not understand the sailing concept. They don't actually understand how World Sailing works and discuss crappy Miami regattas and current National news from the Melges world. Is it serious or fun? Yeah! 

Dec 19, 2015

Petey is a top-level videographer and producer in the sailing industry who does multiple duties in the sailing world. He's won a World Championship and has an interesting view on the media world. Petey's been JC's friend for years since they met in Valencia, Spain covering the America's Cup for fringe turned mainstay Sailing Anarchy. They discuss media in the sailing world, with stories from Dubai to youth sailing to cloning while making fun of themselves, each other and boring old school media. Enjoy!

Dec 18, 2015

JC and Bret sit down to discuss topics from the future of carbon fiber printing/composites (John's future is a little more outlandish than Bret's), foiling sailboats, scary politics and life experiences in auto racing. Although they are both sailors, they enjoy other aspects of life that are more important!