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JC Worldwide is a show about life, technology, fitness and sailboat racing. We're all people who live in amazing times that are so good we have to discuss it!
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Apr 11, 2016

Grant 'Fuzz' Spanhake is a highly technical and successful New Zealand born sailor who has competed in four round-the-world races spanning all the way back to 1985. He's been involved in six America's Cups, winning the Cup in 1992 as a coach for America³. Fuzz is also on his fourth Olympic cycle as a sail designer and trim coach. His medal record is excellent with two Golds, three Silvers and a Bronze medal over three different classes. He is currently the Technical Director for the US Sailing Team and a pro sailor who just last year added a Farr 40 World Championship to his resumé. Fuzz is also working with the US Development Team and he talks about some of the new tech they've been using. His wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed and JC had the opportunity to discuss some of his many adventures, including seeing Halley's Comet and the Aurora Australis in the Southern Ocean while Fuzz imparted his technical knowledge regarding sail design and rig tuning. 

Mar 27, 2016

Ben Hall is a master spar builder who's company, Hall Spars, has worked with many America's Cup teams and is a worldwide leader in carbon composites. He's also a complete A-Class catamaran aficionado and enjoys plenty of personal projects. JC makes his way to Sarasota, Florida to meet up with Ben to discuss A-Cat foiling technique, inside Oracle USA stories, America's Cup 33 unknown facts, how carbon masts are made, the future of 3D printing, the luckiest Evelyn 32 sailboat in the world, and a learning session about different types of carbon, Space X, tidal generators and how the aerospace industry has revolutionized sailing. Be ready to learn and laugh at the same time! Lets Go!